Amazing Smoothie Recipe Round-up

Fast fuel. That’s what I think of when I hear the word “smoothie.” And an image of a tall, delicious glass of yum makes its way into my head. Smoothies provide a unique solution to the problem of what nourishing food I can get my hands on quickly. Loaded with fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and all of the good stuff, you can easily make this fast fuel that will provide so much incredible nutrition!

These Recipes Are RD-Approved!

It seems my colleagues appreciate smoothies too. Because when I asked for their favorite smoothie recipes to share with you, they delivered! So without further ado, here’s an awesome, RD-approved, Smoothie Recipe round-up!

RD Approved Smoothie Recipes


Green Smoothies

  1. The Mean Green Smoothie by Amanda Hibshman
  2. Chai Smoothie by Mary Purdy
  3. Healthy Arugula Apple Smoothie by Chrissy Carroll
  4. Superfood Green Smoothie Bowl by Shahzadi Devje
  5. Chai Peach Green Smoothie by Shahzadi Devje 
  6. Kelly Green Protein Smoothie by Kelly Jones
  7. Avocado Pina Colada Smoothie by Chelsea Jackl
  8. Shamrock Smoothie by Jean LaMantia
  9. Matcha Green Smoothie by Liz Ward

Berry Smoothies

  1. Orange-Strawberry Layered Smoothie by Amy Gorin
  2. Wild Blueberry Lavender Smoothie by Amy Gorin
  3. Superfood Smoothie by Jodi Danen
  4. Strawberry Banana Smoothie by Jennifer Pullman
  5. Wild Blueberry Turmeric Zinger Smoothie by Kara Lydon
  6.  Creamy Blackberry Vanilla Smoothie by Jessica Ivey
  7.  Blueberry Cheesecake Smoothie by Tracee Brenner

Peanut Butter Smoothies

  1. Cacao Smoothie with Banana and Almond Butter by Chrissy Carrol 
  2. Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Smoothie by Brittany Poulson
  3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake by Judith Scharman

Fruit Smoothies

  1. Summer Peach Smoothie by Stephanie Van’t Zelfden
  2. Banana Date Spinach Smoothie by Dana White
  3. Vegan Double Banana Smoothie by Jennifer Pullman
  4. Pumpkin and Fig Smoothie by Leanne Ray
  5. Orange Creamsicle Smoothie by Jenna Gorham
  6. Immune Boosting Grapefruit Mango Smoothie by Kaleigh McMordie 
  7. Dragonfruit Smoothie by Sharon Palmer
  8. Mango Smoothie with Carrots by Josten Fish
  9. Mango Beet Breakfast Smoothie by Jenna Braddock 
  10. Tropical Creamsicle Post-workout Smoothie by Sarah Schlichter
  11. Wild Blueberry Peanutty Protein Smoothie by Lauren Harris-Pincus
  12. Chocolate Tart Cherry Smoothie by Kristine Duncan

Turmeric Smoothies

  1. Turmeric Pina Colada Smoothie by Shahzadi Devje
  2. Iced Ginger Turmeric Smoothie by Maria Adams
  3. Anti-Inflammatory Golden Milk Smoothie by Jenna Gorham
  4. Turmeric Mango Smoothie by Rachael Hartley

Smoothie Bowls

  1. Simple Smoothie Bowls by Monica Salafia
  2. Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie Bowls by Liz Weiss
  3. Cherry Vanilla Smoothie Bowl by Mandy Enright


Your Smoothies!

Is your smoothie recipe missing from this round-up? Feel free to add your link to it below! Or snap a pic of one of these smoothies above and share your love!