Halloween Candy Tips For Kids (and Adults)

I love Halloween, I really do. When I was a kid I would go trick-or-treating with my dad and drag him to EVERY SINGLE house in our neighborhood, which was a lot of houses. He never once complained and always let me stay out just a little bit longer so that I could hit the house that wasn’t so close, but had really awesome Halloween candy. So does that mean I love candy? Oh yes, yes it does. But wait, I’m a dietitian! Yes, yes I am.

Halloween candy is a necessary evil. Do I cringe when it shows up on the shelves at the grocery or drug store in early September? Nope, I don’t. Why? Because, like I said, I REALLY love Halloween! That’s why I’m giving practical Halloween candy advice. The real kind, the kind you need. So, hold onto your witch hats and cat ears, because I’ve got some info you can use!

halloween candy

Boo-tiful Halloween Candy Counseling

  1. Keep it Real – Halloween happens ONE time each YEAR. One day. So, let loose, have a little fun and hey, if that involves a few little mini candy bars, so be it.
  2. Buy Halloween Candy You Don’t Like – No self control? No worries, I totally get it. My advice – get candy you don’t love, that way you won’t be tempted to shove it all in your mouth as soon as your last trick-or-treater leaves your door step.
  3. Dump the Leftover Halloween Candy – Speaking of that leftover candy, just what, oh what should you do with it? Keep it? Nope! Throw it away? Nope! Then what? How about send it to the brave women and men serving our country! I’m pretty sure they could use a little candy and a personalized note from your little goblin. Check out Operation Gratitude for more information. 
  4. Pledge to Move – Sigh, am I really suggesting you exercise the next day? You bet I am! What better way to finish off your halloween candy extravaganza then by scheduling some exercise “the day after.” You’ll feel way better burning off that sugar than just sitting on the couch lamenting about how much of it you ate!
  5. Skip the Halloween Candy  – I know, sounds crazy, but hear me out! You know what kids love? Tattoos! Stickers! Play-Doh! And you know what else? They love those things MORE than candy. Seriously! So, if candy is too much of a temptation or if you know kids with food allergies, consider offering some awesome non-food treats!


That’s it, my friends. My helpful Halloween advice! Do you have other great ideas? If so, I’d love to hear them! Drop them in the comment section below! Happy Halloween everyone!!!


halloween candy