Holiday Drink Tips

Happy holiday party-time! Woo hoo! Time to celebrate and have fun! Yes, I do believe in fun and yes, I do think you can indulge (even when struggling with infertility) in some fun holiday drinks. HOWEVER, there should be a self-imposed limit to the celebratory drinking. Hear me out, ok! Today’s Fertility Friday blog post is dedicated to my Holiday Drink Tips.

Every Year “it” Happens

It sure does. Every year you find yourself at the holiday office party or your friend’s ugly Christmas sweater party with a drink in hand that somehow involves endless refills. How is it that your cup never seems empty!? While it may seem magical at the time, that endless glass of alcohol leads to a serious morning of regret in the form of a raging hangover! Was it worth it? No, it wasn’t. So what are you to do?

Follow My Holiday Drink Guide

I am old and (somewhat) wise and I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to your drinking at those holiday parties. But first, indulge in this super fancy infographic I made. 

Holiday Drink Tips

So great, right? Just nod your head and say “yes,” because that thing took me 3 hours to make! Embarrassing, but true! But, I want to elaborate on those 5 tips I present in that infographic, because they are what will save you this holiday party season, so without further ado…

Sara’s Top 5 Holiday Drink Tips

  1. Drink More Water – Yes, more water! In fact, my recommendation is to drink AS MUCH WATER as alcohol you’re drinking. This way you’ll stay hydrated and it’ll slow down your drinking.
  2. Mark Your Glass – Keep your eyes on your beverage. This prevents you from drinking someone else’s beverage which is good in several ways, but especially because it means you won’t be drinking someone else’s full glass thinking it was yours!
  3. No Drinking Games – You’re too old for this. Please don’t do it anymore. Enough said.
  4. Put the Glass Down – If that drink is in your hand, you’re more likely to take sip after sip, without thinking. That means more drinking. So put your glass down between sips.
  5. Talk More, Drink Less – You’re not at the party to drink, you’re there to spend time with friends and family. Do it in a healthy way by engaging in great conversation. If you’re talking and being a good listener, you won’t have time for over-indulging!

Now, Go and Celebrate!

Armed with these tips, you’ll be able to conquer any holiday party. Just remember, YOU are in control of the situation, so indulge, just don’t over-indulge! Have fun and share great moments with friends and family and keep the drinking to a minimum. Trust me, you’ll have a better time that way!

Fertility Friday Disclaimer

Why am I talking about alcohol on Fertility Friday when we all know that alcohol isn’t a “fertility-friendly” food? Because I know you are a human being and that you will be going to parties where alcohol is served. If you’re better off skipping the alcohol, then yes, please do so. But please know that 1 drink during the festive time of the year is OK! Just remember to keep to that 1 drink and enjoy the company surrounding you while you sip it.