#5Ingredients5Days Introduction

I’m baaaaack!

Yes, here I am. I was gone for a bit, but you know, now I’m stuck in my house and I’ve got to do something with my time! 🙂 Besides writing this blog post, I have also created a new YouTube channel. And that’s where THIS story begins. The story of the invention of #5Ingredients5Meals.

The Birth of #5Ingredients5Meals

If you know me, you know that I’m always thinking about my next step. There’s something fun about thinking about the possibilites of the future. Part of that process involves thinking about what’s missing. Thinking about what YOU need. Thinking about how I can solve a problem. So the other night I was having these thoughts and as I was thinking about our current situation wondering how the heck I can help, I came up with the idea for a fun way to cook.

It Was Going to be a Cookbook

Initially my idea was to create a cookbook. Seemed to make sense to me. Then, I talked to my brother and he said, “You should really make it a YouTube series.” So I listened to him (for some odd reason) and did just that. I’m definitely in new territory with it. But I’m excited to see where it goes. Even if no one watches, I can at least say I did it!


Here’s What it’s About

Right! You want to know what #5Ingredients5Meals is about, sorry! Here’s the premise. Each week I’ll ask YOU to give me 5 ingredients and then I’ll take those ingredients and create meals for 5 days using them! Fun, right? The ingrdients don’t have to be staples, but I’m not looking for anything exotic like bamboo shoots either – basics will be perfect!

How YOU can be a Part of the Show

Well, you are a HUGE part of the show! I’m going to count on you to help me decide which five ingredients to use each week. You can share your requests in any of my platforms – this blog, instagram, and my YouTube channel! The more participation we get, the more fun it will be! But you need to subscribe! I’ve dropped the link to the channel throughout this post. So be sure to head over there now and subscribe! I can’t wait to cook with you!!!


Looking for an easy recipe for the weekend, try this recipe for Weeknight Chicken Burgers! 🙂