Simple Cauliflower Rice Tacos

Wait! Hold up bandwagon! I’m coming! I’m late? Oh come on! I live in the Midwest, so cut me some slack, it takes us awhile to catch up on the trendy stuff. Please, oh please can I jump on the cauliflower rice bandwagon?

Cauliflower Rice?

Ok, whew, you haven’t heard of it? Thank goodness! Or perhaps you’re just humoring me? Well, in that case, thank you! For those of you who really don’t know about it, allow me to introduce you. Here’s what it is, cauliflower (that’s right, cauliflower), that gets processed into crumbles that resemble rice. Earth shattering, right? Well, it is, just Google it and your mind will be blown with the number of recipes that use it!

Simple Cauliflower Rice Tacos - A delicious vegetarian meal is just a simple cauliflower taco recipe away. Try this one tonight! @cookinRD |

What’s The Hype All About?

Well, you know we all love our food and diet trends and cauliflower is the latest (if not over) “it” girl. She’s got it all – she’s gluten-free/vegetarian/vegan, made of just 1 simple ingredient (a vegetable at that!), and seems to be perfect for everyone. Really, it’s true! They’re making pizza crust out of it (which is fantastic, I promise) and Buddha Bowls galore. Am I complaining? No way! I think it’s awesome. Heck, I even jumped on the bandwagon! 😉

What I Do With My Cauliflower Rice

You know I love tacos, so of course, that’s what I do with my cauliflower rice, I turn it into a taco filling. I like to coat it in taco seasoning and then bake it so that it gets all caramelized and crispy. It tastes awesome and looks beautiful. Load it up on a taco and people will for sure think that’s ground meat in there! But ha, it’s not! Classic food trick! Ready to try it? Great, catch my recipe below! Then tell me, what’s your favorite way to enjoy cauliflower rice? 

Simple Cauliflower Rice Tacos - A delicious vegetarian meal is just a simple cauliflower taco recipe away. Try this one tonight! @cookinRD |


Simple Cauliflower Rice Tacos

Serves: 4



1 head cauliflower

2 tablespoons olive oil + extra for coating pan

1/8 teaspoon kosher salt

1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon taco salt-free taco seasoning 

8 corn tortillas, hard or soft, warmed

4 cups shredded lettuce

1 small jalapeño, sliced

1/4 cup toasted pepitas

2 cups shredded carrots

1/2 cup salsa


To Make the Cauliflower Rice

  1. Core and peel away leaves of cauliflower. Break into pieces and rinse under cold water. Run through a salad spinner or pat dry with a clean towel.
  2. Working in 1/2 cup batches, add the cauliflower to a food processor and pulse until cauliflower resembles rice, about 15-20 pulses. Remove and repeat with remaining cauliflower.

To Make the Tacos

  1. Preheat the oven to 425’F and coat a large baking sheet lightly with olive oil.
  2. To a large bowl, add the riced cauliflower, olive oil, salt and taco seasoning. Mix until well combined and then spread out evenly on the prepared baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes, stirring halfway through cooking time. For crispier cauliflower, cook a little longer, stirring every 5 minutes until desired doneness.
  3. Distribute cauliflower among warmed taco shells then top with shredded lettuce, jalapeño, pepitas, carrots and salsa. Serve and enjoy.