Fast Veggie Loaded Nachos

Can Nachos be considered dinner? I’m here to tell you that, YES, yes they can! Sound crazy? Have I lost my mind? Well, yes and no! But I’m seriously not crazy when I tell you nachos can indeed make a nourishing meal! To prove it to you, I’m sharing my recipe for these seriously delicious Veggie Loaded Nachos!

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Vanilla Matcha Carrot Smoothie

Remember when smoothies were simple? You could order one or make one with strawberries, banana, yogurt and maybe some spinach. That was a special time. While you know I love simplicity, I also LOVE the challenge of trying new food combinations. Enter my Vanilla Matcha Carrot Smoothie.

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Practice Smarter Nourishing Snacking

What’s your sloppy snacking status? If you’ve been following along, you know that this month I’ve devoted Monday’s to the Stop Sloppy Snacking Series. I’ve used Monday’s as way to motivate you to make more nourishing snacks – and make them easy and fun! Now it’s time to learn some tips on smarter nourishing snacking.

Snacking Demystified

What type of foods do you think of when you hear the word “snack?” For some people it’s a bag of chips and super-size cola, for others it’s hummus and baby carrots. While both are indeed examples of snacks, do you think perhaps one is better than the other. Better? How can I pit a food against a food? Well, while I do feel that an occasional handful of chips and an infrequent soda are fine, I also know that those foods don’t nourish us. That’s why, when it comes to the BEST snacks (the un-sloppy kind), you should always choose the ones that give you the power of good nutrition.

Practice Better Nourishing Snacking

To help you with this, I’ve created my snacks under 200 calories, but also this chart below that gives you an idea of the foods that offer the most nourishment – making them excellent snacks!


The “Yes!” Snacks: The foods that are soooo nourishing, that yes, of course you should consider these a snack.

The Not So Much Snacks: These foods offer little, if any nutrition so consume them infrequently or enjoy as a treat and NOT a snack. 





Whole grains and whole grain products (bread, cereal,crackers, etc)

Yogurt and kefir  (low in sugar)

Cheese (in proper portions)

Nuts and seeds (including butters)

Lean cuts of meat, fish and seafood

Beans and bean dips (yes, hummus!)

Low sugar granola bars

Not So Much

Potato chips, cheese puffs, you get the idea 

Cookies, pastries and other baked goods

High sugar cereals 

High sugar yogurt and smoothies

Fried foods

Soda or flavored waters/drinks (with lots of sugar)

Fattier cuts of meat

Sugary or chocolate-dipped granola bars

 Five Snacks Around 200 Calories

Week 3 is a great week for the Stop Sloppy Snacking Series! Five more great snacks for you to enjoy! @cookinRD |

May You Have a Great Week of Snacking

Make these snacks or make your own, just remember to make them NOURISHING! Drop your favorite, nourishing snack in the comment section below! And check out the week 1 list and week 2 list of snacks if you missed them. Happy snacking friends!

Easy Southwest Buddha Bowl

Think those fancy Buddha bowls you get at restaurants can’t be made at home? Think again! I’ve created this Easy Southwest Buddha Bowl with YOU in mind. This is a bowl meal that comes together quickly to provide you a nourishing lunch or dinner!

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Stop Sloppy Snacking!

January 2017 – Week 2. Where does your snacking stand? Were you able to enjoy 1 or 2 new, nourishing snacks last week? No? It’s ok, I’m not judging, I know you’re trying your best. Maybe it’s because you weren’t impressed with last week’s snack list? Well, then, have no fear because I’ve got FIVE NEW snack ideas for you! That means five more reasons to stop that sloppy snacking!

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Hummus Jalapeño Toastettes

In case you didn’t hear, I’m talking about snacks for the whole month of January! Indeed I am because I’ve heard there’s been some big slacking when it comes to what you’re snacking on. No, I’m not your mother, but I do care about you! That’s why, to continue the “Stop Sloppy Snacking” series, I’m showcasing these yummy Hummus Jalapeño Toastettes! Want the recipe? I thought so! 

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20 Snacks Around 200 Calories

Woo hoo! You made it to 2017! How does it feel? It should feel great because you’ve got a clean slate, with a fresh new year ahead of you! How inspiring! If I learned anything last year it’s that people like to snack. And sometimes snacking behavior gets a little sloppy. But, luckily for you, I’ve come up with a January series titled “20 Snacks Around 200 Calories” to get your snacking back on track!

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Sending Up Love

It’s hard to know what to say to someone going through infertility. It’s even harder to know what to say when they reach a pivotal part of their treatment. What can you do and how can you show your love and support? Even if you’re the one struggling with infertility, these tips can be helpful. Share them with friends and family so they can offer support in the most beneficial way.

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Two Bite Snickerdoodles

I’ve been baking cookies for a long time. And baking is in my DNA. Both of my grandmothers and my grandmother’s grandmothers (and probably their grandmothers too) all baked. It seemed to bypass my mom, but hey, it just wasn’t (and still isn’t) her thing. But I’ve got the baking bug and cookies are my jam! And these Two Bite Snickerdoodles? Well, they’re dedicated to those fine baking ladies before me!

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